Know Your Rights

Within these pages you will find clear and concise information about individual rights under federal and state law regarding emergency treatment and hospital discharge, legal avenues to remedy, and tools for advocates.

I.  Emergency Medicaid

Find out what Emergency Medicaid is, how you can know if you qualify, what medical conditions may or may not count as emergencies, and how you can apply for Emergency Medicaid.

II. Medicaid for Undocumented Immigrants with PRUCOL Status

Learn about how some undocumented immigrants may be able to apply for and receive full Medicaid benefits. 

III. Know Your Right to Emergency Care Under EMTALA

Learn about the specifics of the Emergency Medical Treatment & Active Labor Act (EMTALA) and what you can do if you believe your rights under the law have been violated.

IV. Your Discharge Rights

Learn what steps hospitals must take before they discharge you.


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