Through structured interviews with  relevant health care providers, community advocates, and hospital social workers, we have identified problems with the health care delivery system as a whole and problems with systems and practices at individual hospitals. We have cataloged short- and long-term solutions to such problems. Click here for a link to our article.

Our Health Justice Director has worked with Seton Hall University School of Law to propose recommendations to Congress, healthcare providers, relevant government agencies, and the court system. Please click here to access an in-depth review of  our proposals.

Our Recommendations Include (but are not limited to):

  • Encourage Congress to investigate the practice of medical repatriation, allow persons wrongfully repatriated to seek repeal by amending the Immigration and Nationality Act, and repeal laws that impose bars to Medicaid benefits based on immigration status.
  • Persuade the US Department of Health and Human Services to closely monitor and track medical repatriations, impose sanctions on hospitals performing such involuntary repatriations, and develop a process by which hospitals must document and report international patient transfers.
  • Request the US State Department to implement a formal procedure, whereby international medical transfers can be verified with receiving hospitals, before travel documents are issued.
  • Impose greater accountability for hospitals during the discharge process. Hospitals should receive informed consent from patients regarding discharge, conduct  due diligence with respect to ensuring patients can be provided long-term care in their destination hospital, and provide better training to hospital staff on the intricacies of working with undocumented and documented immigrants.
  • Promote dialogue with community groups and advocates and raise awareness about patient discharge and language access rights.
  • Create a rapid response workgroup to assist undocumented immigrants at risk of medical deportation.

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