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Past Legislative Activity

In 2010, NYLPI and NYIC took action against legislation that could make medical deportation worse. We wrote a legislative comment letter to Chair of the New York State Senate Health Committee Senator Thomas K. Duane concerning a bill he introduced to create a transfer authorization panel demonstration program. The program would initiate and facilitate the transfer of “medically ready” patients, who lack the requisite capacity to consent to such a transfer, from participating hospitals to post-acute care facilities. However, portions of the proposed legislation could jeopardize the health and well-being of already vulnerable patients (particularly undocumented and uninsured patients) in the interest of expediting the transfer process. Check out our response to S7429.

We have learned that many hospitals in New York engage in this form of international patient dumping, and we are concerned about the impact S7249 may have on medical deportation practices….the legislation…could inadvertently facilitate the process by which medical deportation occurs and thereby place at risk the lives and well-being of the low-income immigrant patients sent to international facilities ill-equipped to meet their health care needs.


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